Changing your mindset to conquer your “weaknesses”

by | Jun 6, 2022

The key to conquering your “weakness” is changing your mindset. It takes a deep type of self-awareness to understand that your so-called weakness really is an area of opportunity. I have 3 pieces of advice to help you achieve this changed mindset.

Recently I was a panelist at a local conference, and one question that came from the audience was:

“How do you manage to overcome your weaknesses as a woman business owner?”

Before the moderator could even repeat the question, I knew exactly what needed to be said. I proceeded to answer, and I started with, “Let’s call them areas of opportunities!” A “weakness” is an opportunity waiting to be discovered.

From my experience, I’ve seen it take years before some people ever arrive at that self-discovery place. It takes a deep type of self-awareness to understand that your so-called weakness really is an area of opportunity. In my work with small business owners, I see a lot of these undiscovered opportunities when it comes to hiring help.

So many small business owners, even when they get to a place financially when they can hire, they don’t want to let go! Here’s the thing: letting go requires a paradigm shift. They have to arrive at the place of: “I don’t need to do this; I need to hire someone.”

Here’s my advice to help small business owners reach this paradigm shift sooner rather than later:

1. Remember you can’t be all things to everyone! SAY NO! Evaluate every year and be okay with walking away from stuff that doesn’t take you closer to the best version of you this year!

2. Jack of all trades… I’ll pass! That sounds exhausting. It’s okay to be a master at one and build a team that has the other skill sets.

3. If you are honest enough to say, “this is an area of opportunity,” feel proud of that and give yourself some grace. You are among the 10 to 15% of people who are highly self-aware!

Remember, it’s a paradigm shift—it’s only a weakness if you say it is! I believe in areas of opportunity to create the best version of you. You should believe in this paradigm shift, too. I didn’t say this journey would be easy, but you can get through it, and if you need a day…Take it!

Until next time, consider this: Is there really a benefit from burning both ends of the candlestick? There’s no badge of honor for being burned out.

You got this!

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Written by Joy Nelson Thomas



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